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We have been good friends, Jane; have we not? Yes, sir. Mobile Phone surveillance equipment phone tap Tracker application is a tracking application with which you can control track the mobile phones. Write something. I want to track my husband phone. Cell number 0.

I have a feeling my husband is cheating on me 0. Ilike to track my girlfriends phone without her knowing it 0. How to track my girlfriends phone without her knowing it? Please tell me how to track my husband location without him knowing Also without having to have access to his phone 0. I have an iPhone he has and android what tracking device would I use? Wanna find out if girlfriend is cheating before we marry 0.

I want to track my partner everytime he out. I would like to track my husband 0. I want to track my partner coz she is cheating on me. I need help track my husband cellphone to know where at cuz he dose come at night iwant is he cheat on me so can uplease helpfor free 0. I would recommend this app to anyone with a need to track device usage and location.

Easy, clean, without unnecessary options. I have tried many apps to track my kids, some go overboard and kill the phone battery and some just do not work, easy logger has been working for months without fail, I use the free version as I really do not need location tracking. Thank you so much for providing a worthwhile product that actually helps parents to protect their kids.

I have recommended Easy Logger to my several friends.

Covert Mobile Phone Tracking - tendcussuppling's sms spy

I am so in love with this EasyLogger app! It works great, better than I expected! I now can keep a close eye on my pre-teen daughter's life, without having to physically be present. This app is completely user friendly, easy to install, and extremely easy to navigate from the control panel. This app is a lifesaver! I give it 10 stars, plus 5 thumbs-up, and 3 high-fives! This app is awesome and anytime I need assistance I get it immediately and they help so much.

I had started with the free version and now have a paid one. The logs are accurate. Logs in the missed calls as well. I initially got it just for recording my calls and messages for posterity but now use it for tracking my spouse.

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Both of us have installed it in our phones. My husband gets home from work very late at night which is a major concern for me. With this app, I am able to see him at work and also get to know when he is on his way home without having to call him all the time! It has been a major relief. We have had the full pro version for over a year and it has paid for itself many times over.

We have used it back up insurance, accident and employee management issues. It even lets you know where they are when they send a text so if the employee texts they are home sick you can check the gps of where they were. We have drivers operating at night when there is no dispatch so this helps us keep tabs on them. We see where our agents are, how long they spend at each customer, do they text while driving, how many calls they actually made in the day and best of all how they spend their working hours.

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The feature that shows us a location on the map when a certain call or text was sent changed our business forever! I have it on all my family phones too. A single console consolidates data from all my devices. I've been using this for about 6 months now. I did a lot of research, and tried a couple of other much harder-to-install apps; Easylogger is hands down the most straightforward and easy to install, and more importantly effective and accurate, undetectable by my gf anyway ; It sends me a daily report of all texts and calls, so I don't really have to think about it, which is great.

The only thing more I wish it did, is record the phone calls. But frankly if something's going on, I feel you'll be able to tell from texts, GPS and the call log. The location history tracking is great.

Covert mobile phone tracking

I just love it. Wish I had "Easy Logger" years ago. I drive a semi truck and gone for weeks at a time. My wife cheated on me once and it's just a matter of time when she does it again. The next time I will be more than ready to find and catch her!!! It's definitely worth the money.

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  • I have been using the logger for about 2 years now, its been working ok and keeps my kids in check. I see texts and calls to know whats going on, its a great piece of technology. Often I go in and check location logs for the last few days, I see they have been away from the general route and question them about it. One of the best app available in the market for tracking as it tracks calls and SMS as well as real time location and application usage. It is very useful app in any serious situation like mobile theft, kidnapping, parenting and when you lost your mobile and can't find it.

    I will suggest the developers to add the feature to save the user call recordings on the cloud as well and only that user can access to that recordings using the cloud console. I hope they will advance their app to fulfill their user's wishes. But still this app deserves full 5 stars.

    I would say above all this is an incredible app. The Highster Mobile is great in terms of general mobile phone tracking as it does this in real time as it includes realtime GPS map tracking.

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